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The History of Whoopie Pies

These sweet treats have a murky origin story. At least four states — Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania ­— claim that it was invented within their borders, but no one really knows for sure. One version of the story holds that whoopie pies were invented by Amish wives using leftover cake batter and frosting. This version also claims that the name comes from the men who found the treats in their lunchboxes, who supposedly celebrated with excited cries of “Whoopie!” While we may never know the truth about where whoopie pies originated or who invented them, we do know that the first commercially produced whoopie pies came from Labadie’s Bakery in Lewiston, Maine. The bakery first started making them in either 1918 or 1925 (there is some debate about the dates). Today, one of the most widely distributed brands of whoopie pies also hails from Maine — Wicked Whoopies by Isamax Snacks of Gardiner, Maine. The treats were even featured on Oprah Winfrey’s “favorite things” list at one point! Notably, whoopie pies are also designated as the official Maine state treat and the third Saturday in June is Whoopie Pie Day in the Pine Tree State.

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