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The History of Warheads Candy

Warheads were created in Taiwan in 1975. Reportedly, they were named after missiles. In 1993, Warheads hit American shores for the first time. The original flavors were black cherry, blue raspberry, lemon, green apple, and watermelon. They were distributed in the United States by the Foreign Candy Company located in Hull, Iowa. Warheads became a candy sensation almost immediately. By 1999, the brand was valued at $40 million. Warheads were even featured on Food Network’s Unwrapped. The show mentioned that part of the candy’s popularity was likely due to the “dare factor” wherein kids would challenge each other to see who could tolerate the sour candies the longest. That characteristic intensity that helped make them so popular is apparently thanks to the addition of malic acid, which is present in some wines and fruits. Today, Warheads are made by Impact Confections in Janesville, Wisconsin, which acquired the brand in 2004, as well as Universal Candy in Australia. Over the years, the product line has been expanded to include Warhead-flavored jellybeans, gummy worms, energy drinks, and more. Today, Warheads remain a popular choice among sour candy enthusiasts.

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