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The History of the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder

The McDonald’s Quarter Pounder was created in 1971 by a franchisee named Al Bernadin. The owner of two McDonald’s locations in Fremont, California, Bernadin believed that there was something missing on the McDonald’s menu — an offering for people who wanted a “higher ratio of meat to bun.” To fill this perceived need, he created a burger with a pre-cooked weight of just over 4 ounces and named it the Quarter Pounder. Bernadin rolled out the new burger alongside signs that read, “Today Fremont, tomorrow the world.” And indeed, the burger was a massive success. In 1973, McDonald’s added the Quarter Pounder and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese to the official menu. The name was trademarked and the sandwich quickly became a favorite worldwide. Today, the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder remains a beloved fast-food burger option.

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