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The History of the Garden Rake

The first rakes are thought to have been a simple combination of human hands and branches from trees or bushes. This early version of the rake would have been used to scrape soil or move leaves – very much like how we use garden rakes today! However, over the years, the design of the rake became more sophisticated than a simple tree branch. Early rakes featuring wooden tines attached to a head through holes have been found in China and date as far back as 1100 BC! However, since that time, the basic design of the garden rake hasn’t changed much: a long handle attached to a head with tines. Advances in metalwork and machinery during the Industrial Revolution allowed for mass production of these formerly handmade tools. This mass availability contributes to why we now think of them as basic tools when, in times past, they were handmade items of great importance that helped make vital tasks easier. Another difference we see today is the addition of comfort grips, ergonomic handles, and various high-quality materials. But despite these improvements, the basic design of the humble garden rake has remained the same since its inception.

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