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The History of the Ford F-Series Truck

Shortly after Ford debuted the Model T, customers began to ask for a model that could be used for work and deliveries. Ford’s response, the Model TT, debuted in 1917 and featured the Model T’s cab and engine paired with a more heavy-duty frame. After decades of commercial use, the Model TT was joined by a consumer-facing vehicle that debuted in 1948: Ford’s first F-Series truck, known as the F-Series Bonus Built truck. It was aimed at consumers moving from rural to urban areas after the war. Over the decades, the truck’s aesthetics evolved, although it kept its heavy-duty, utilitarian nature, too. Today, of course, the Ford F-Series trucks are even more luxurious, but retain their multipurpose appeal and are used everywhere from farms and construction sites to well-paved city streets.

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