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The History of the Banana Split

This famous sundae got its start in Latrobe, Pennsylvania in 1904. There, a young university student named David “Doc” Strickler was working at Tassell’s Pharmacy making frozen desserts. One day, a customer challenged him to make something “different” – and Strickler created the banana split. A few years later, others in both Wilmington, Ohio and Boston created their own versions of the now-iconic sundae. While there are claims that these were the first banana splits, experts say the credit belongs to Strickler. Over time, the banana split sundae made its way to Atlantic City, which was America’s main vacation destination at the time. People from all over were able to try it while on vacation and Americans quickly fell in love with the decadent dessert. During the Great Depression, banana splits remained popular, as ice cream was one of the few small treats people could afford. By the 1950s, the popularity of the banana split had begun to wane in favor of soft serve cones served at chains. However, plenty of people still enjoy banana splits today and they remain a popular menu item at many ice cream shops!

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