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The History of Tastykake

Tastykake began in 1914 when a baker named Philip J. Baur teamed up with an egg salesperson named Herbert T. Morris in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood. They used their combined expertise to create an array of goodies, including cakes and pies. Their dedication to quality and flavor while maintaining affordability earned them a loyal fanbase, especially among Philadelphia’s working class, who enjoyed the treats on their lunch breaks. But even more importantly, Baur and Morris pioneered a unique baking process that kept their treats fresh for longer. They also wrapped their products individually. This commitment to freshness set the Tastykake brand apart. Over time, the company expanded their offerings to include the iconic Butterscotch Krimpets and the beloved Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes. Today, the brand maintains a presence at local events and remains a beloved staple both within the city of Philadelphia and beyond its borders.

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