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The History of Table Talk Pies

Table Talk was founded in 1924 in Worcester, Massachusetts. The business was started by two Greek immigrants, Theodore Tonna and Angelo Cotsidas. They met while working for a local Greek bread baker and after taking a trip home to Greece, they decided to open their own bakery. They began by making bread, but soon began to sell pies that they would hand-make overnight and sell from a horse-drawn wagon during the day. They chose the name Table Talk because they believed that families should have something enjoyable to eat while they sat at the kitchen table and talked. The name is also thought to be related to Theodore Tonna’s initials, "TT." Over time, Tonna and Cotsidas built up the company. In 1985, Christo Cocaine, Tonna’s mentee and son-in-law, purchased the company out of bankruptcy and helped it flourish once more. Today, Table Talk is led by Harry Kokkinis and the company makes over 250 million pies a year at three automated bakeries located in Worcester, Massachusetts; in a testament to their popularity, some of the pies are shipped as far away as Hawaii!

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