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The History of Star Wars Action Figures

The first Star Wars movie was released in May 1977 and spawned an entire franchise of massively popular movies, books, and, of course, toys. The first 3.75-inch tall action figures debuted in 1978 and included the film’s most popular characters. Due to the 1970s oil shortage, the toys were manufactured to be smaller than competing toys (such as G.I. Joe). By using less plastic in the manufacturing process, the toys could be sold at a lower price point, which only bolstered their popularity. Star Wars action figures were discontinued in 1985 but were manufactured again starting in the mid-1990s and are still made today. In addition to the hundreds of unique figures sold, many accessories, vehicles, and play sets have also been made. Children have enjoyed these toys for decades and many adults avidly collect them, too!

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