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The History of Sponge Cake

It is National Sponge Cake Day, so we are taking a look at the history behind this iconic dessert. Early forms of the sponge cake date back to the 15th century and include sweet “breads” from Italy, Portugal, and Spain, as well as some biscuits, such as British ladyfingers and Italian savoiardi. The earliest recipe for sponge cake dates back to a 1615 English cookbook; Jane Austen also mentioned sponge cake in a letter in 1808. The modern version of the sponge cake dates to 19th century Europe and is thought to be one of the first non-yeasted cakes (the rise comes from well-beaten eggs rather than yeast). Today, there are multiple styles of sponge cakes, including American, British, and French varieties. American sponge cake is generally considered to be the springiest and spongiest of them all, so it is no wonder that it is considered a beloved and classic dessert here in the United States!

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