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The History of Sinks

It’s probably one of the objects you use most, but do you know the history behind your humble sink? Originally, a sink was really just a basin. In the early 1700s, most homes had a washstand – a small table with a deep bowl. A pitcher would be used to provide water since there were no faucets yet. Then during the mid-1800s and early 1900s, dry sinks became popular. These fixtures consisted of a basin made of stone, wood, or metal set into a cabinet or attached to a windowsill. At first, a bucket of water had to be used to fill these early sinks with water, but over time a hand pump was added (although for many years it was only available for the wealthy). Wet sinks, or modern sinks, became available with the advent of indoor plumbing. Today, sinks come in many styles to fit your preferred home décor and are considered an essential item, so it’s interesting to think that they were once nothing more than a basin!

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