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The History of Pancakes

Pancakes are a lot older than you might think. The first recorded mention of this beloved food dates back to Greece around 600 BC, when a poet described warm pancakes in his writings. Pancakes got their start as a breakfast food around 1100 AD, when Shrove Tuesday (sometimes called Pancake Day) became a traditional way to use up leftover dairy products before Lent. Before the 1800s, it wasn’t uncommon to use snow (which contains ammonia) in place of baking soda in the batter, and until the 1800s, brandy or wine was often used in place of milk or cream! The name was changed from flapjack to pancake in America in the 1870s, and maple syrup became the topping of choice in the 1880s. Then in 1931, Bisquick was introduced, and home cooks began making even fluffier pancakes with less time and effort. Today, pancakes remain a beloved breakfast food and every family has their own traditions around enjoying them.

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