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The History of Nantucket Reds

Nantucket Reds were introduced in the 1960s by Philip C. Murray of Murray’s Toggery Shop. The pants were made of a red canvas fabric that was inspired by the sails that dotted the coast of Brittany, France. They were first called Hulbert Avenue Reds, but the name was later shortened to Nantucket Reds. In 1980, the shop trademarked the name. The now-iconic pants became even more popular when they were included in The Official Preppy Handbook a year later. Many retailers now offer their own versions of the iconic pants, and the trademarked Murray’s Nantucket Reds are still sold on the island today in the form of pants, skirts, hats, and overalls. In fact, Nantucket Reds have become a mainstay of preppy New England style and can be seen at island weddings, golf courses, and yacht clubs during the summer season.

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