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The History of Miss Vickie’s Potato Chips

Vickie Kerr founded Miss Vickie’s potato chips in 1987 with the help of her husband Bill. Frustrated with the trans fats and preservatives found in contemporary brands, she wanted to create a better product for her family. She and her husband started the brand from their family’s farm in New Lowell, Ontario using chip-grade potatoes and frying them in peanut oil (although the chips are now made with canola or sunflower oil). Kerr tested her chips at local markets and food festivals, garnering a loyal following for the home-cooked chips. Just before they expanded into a larger enterprise, a fire destroyed their plans, recipes, and belongings. But the couple rallied, and Miss Vickie’s was successfully launched. The family sought to create a positive work environment with a strong sense of community and family values. They also wanted to maintain personal oversight of the business and its products. Vickie even personally responded to letters she received from fans that poured in as the company grew! But eventually, the couple started to feel removed from their roots as the business continued to grow, so in 1993, the Kerr family sold the company to Frito-Lay. Today, the brand is known for their unique flavors and delicious, crunchy chips as well as for Miss Vickie herself, who still responds to fan letters despite no longer owning the company and even recently established a social media presence to connect with fans.

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