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The History of Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a popular makeup product today. But how did it come to be? Lip gloss was created in 1930 by Max Factor, who created makeup for Hollywood stars to wear in films. It was specially designed to lend a shiny appearance to lips on camera. The first commercially available lip gloss was called X-Rated and it launched in 1932. It remained in production until 2003, when parent company Proctor and Gamble discontinued it. But despite its early introduction, lip gloss didn’t become a makeup bag essential until the 1970s. Celebrities began to wear it often and women sought to emulate their look. For example, the actresses in Charlie’s Angelsoften wore lip gloss and helped to popularize the trend. Then in 1973, Bonne Bell created Lip Smacker, which has become a popular choice among schoolgirls. Lip Smacker got its start as a flavorless, simple gloss, but the company soon added flavor, creating the product that we know and love today. The first Lip Smacker flavor to hit the market was strawberry; today, there are many flavors available, including Berry Peach, Dr. Pepper, Watermelon, Cherry Kool-Aid, and Rock Candy. Today, there are also many different brands and formulations of lip gloss available, each with their own benefit, such as plumper lips or a glittery pout.

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