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The History of Kleenex

Some brand names are synonymous with the item itself; tissues and Kleenex are used interchangeably. But when was this popular product first introduced? Kleenex tissues debuted in 1924 and were first advertised as a way to remove cold cream. The brand even secured endorsements from some Hollywood makeup departments. However, many customers wrote to Kimberly-Clark, the maker of Kleenex, to say that they used the product as a disposable handkerchief. The company changed their advertising strategy accordingly and by 1930, sales had doubled! The pop-up tissue box we are all familiar with debuted in 1928, and printed or colored tissues appeared in 1929. Pocket packs first hit the market in 1932. During World War II, tissue production was severely limited due to paper rationing, but the product’s popularity bounced back immediately upon postwar reintroduction. In 1967, the square upright tissue box was introduced, and in 1981, Kleenex debuted the first scented tissue. Today, Kleenex tissues are sold in over 150 different countries and include many varieties, including the popular Ultra-Soft line.

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