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The History of Jean Skirts

Although jeans were invented way back in 1873, jean skirts weren’t introduced until the 1970s. They were originally created to repurpose worn denim pants, but since distressed denim with patchwork fit the aesthetic of the flower child trend so well, the skirts quickly became popular. Then in 1975, fashion houses took notice of the jean skirt and released a number of new styles, the most popular of which featured a snap front. Pencil skirts made of denim were popular throughout the 1980s and were often paired with a matching denim jacket. Acid wash jean skirts also made their debut that same decade and are now heavily associated with 1980s fashion. In 1995, high fashion brands like Chanel began to embrace jean skirts. Mini skirts became extremely popular again in the late 1990s when teen girls began wearing denim mini skirts to imitate pop stars like Britney Spears, who frequently wore them during photoshoots and performances. In the 2000s, jean skirts were often paired with UGG boots and tall socks or tights. Jean skirts briefly fell by the wayside but rose to prominence again around 2011, this time with retro flair and more mature styling. The 2010s also saw a strong trend for jean skirts worn with belts and t-shirts as well as the introduction of colored denim skirts. Today, the jean skirt continues to be a popular style choice for many and is available in a wide selection of styles from a variety of retailers.

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