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The History of Gloves

In ancient times, gloves were often a sign of wealth. In fact, some of the earliest records of gloves can be traced back to the Egyptian pharaohs. Royalty and high-ranking members of the Catholic Church were also commonly buried wearing gloves. By the 14th century, gloves had become an essential fashion item for members of high society as well as the majority of members of the lower classes. Men wore work gloves while out hunting or as part of a military uniform, but they also wore them as a display of wealth. Women wore gloves to protect their hands and cover up their skin, and many women’s gloves were embroidered or embellished. Both long and short gloves were worn, and both leather gloves (made from various types of animal skin) and fabric gloves (particularly silk) were popular. The 1800s saw the popularization of satin gloves, and by the 1950s, gloves were being mass-produced using modern fabrics like vinyl and faux leather. Today, we view gloves as a practical item for keeping our hands warm, but for centuries, gloves also played an important role in fashion and society.

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