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The History of Girl Scout Cookies

They’re beloved all across America…they’re Girl Scout Cookies! Since March 12th is National Girl Scout Day, there’s no better time to dive into the history of these once-a-year treats. The tradition began in 1917, when the Girl Scouts of the Mistletoe Troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma decided that selling homemade cookies would be a great project. Other troops then followed their lead. In 1922, a special sugar cookie recipe was published alongside a cookie-selling business plan in The American Girl magazine, giving the concept a further boost. Celebrities and public figures also helped to spread the word, including the famed baseball player Babe Ruth and former First Lady Lou Henry Hoover. The first time Girl Scouts sold cookies that were actually named Girl Scout Cookies happened in 1933 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By the late 1930s, Girl Scout Cookies were so popular that girls and their families could no longer bake enough at home, and professional bakers had to be called in. Today, over 50 million households buy Girl Scout Cookies each year and the program continues to be an integral part of the Girl Scout experience.

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