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The History of Freeze Pops

Ah, freeze pops. The refreshing childhood treat is made from sweetened, colored, and flavored water. But where did freeze pops come from? Jel Sert, the company that makes Fla-vor-ice, Otter Pops, and Pop-Ice, became highly successful in the 1930s for their line of powdered drink mixes. Then in the 1960s, Jel Sert purchased Pop-Ice, the brand that first introduced freeze-at-home pops to America. In 1969, Jel Sert launched a similar product called Fla-vor-ice, which quickly became popular. And in 1966, Jel Sert bought Otter Pops, a freeze pop brand that was popular on the West Coast. Other brands soon followed, but the three Jel Sert offerings remain some of the most popular freeze pops on the market even today. What about the name? What people call these frozen treats tends to fall along reginal lines; people refer to them by whatever brand name is most popular in the area. For example, West Coast folks usually say Otter Pops and East Coast folks usually say Fla-vor-ice. However, some generic terms exist: ice pops, icees, and freeze pops are often used to refer to the treats, with freeze pops being the most popular generic term. Regardless of the name, however, these stickless popsicles are known to be refreshing, affordable, and often remind Americans of childhood summers!

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