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The History of Frappés

A frappé (pronounced frap-pay, in case you were wondering) is a beloved iced beverage that’s usually made with coffee. The name comes from the French word frapper, meaning to slap, knock, or beat (the drink is made by shaking, blending, or beating until foamy). Its origins date back to 19th century Europe, where numerous "café frappé" drinks were created. However, the most relevant version was invented more recently in Greece. In 1957, a Nestlé worker mixed instant coffee with cold water and ice cubes in a shaker during his break. The improvised drink became the Greek frappé, which is now available at nearly every café. Today’s café frappé is heavily associated with the Greek version of the drink that uses instant coffee, but the espresso version has also become very popular internationally. Other adaptations have also been made – in Bulgaria, Coca-Cola is sometimes used in place of water, and in Serbia, the drink is commonly made with milk or ice cream.

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