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The History of Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets first appeared in ancient civilizations over 7,000 years ago. In Mayan society, cuff bracelets were part of royal attire and were also used to denote social class and family rank. In ancient Egypt, they were worn for decoration. In ancient Greece, cuff bracelets were worn by citizens for fashion and by soldiers for protection; the ancient Romans later copied the Greeks’ cuff bracelets. In ancient China, elaborate jade cuffs were worn. In the 20th century, mass production made cuff bracelets available to the general population. In the 1930s, cuffs were most frequently made of plastic or silver, but the style fell out of fashion as time went on. In the 1970s, cuff bracelets were once again considered especially fashionable. Cuff bracelets today are available at a variety of price points that often correspond to the materials used to make them. From precious metals to inexpensive plastic models, there’s a version for everyone, which may account for their staying power. Their ability to offset an outfit and function as a statement piece also makes cuff bracelets a perennial favorite and has likely contributed to their impressive longevity.

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