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The History of Crème Brûlée

In honor of National Crème Brûlée Day, we are looking into the history behind this popular dessert. Multiple chefs from England, Spain, and France have claimed to be the creators of this dessert, so it’s hard to know for sure who invented it. Custards were popular in Europe as far back as the Middle Ages, but as for who first caramelized sugar on top and served it as a dessert, it’s hard to know for sure. Most people assume it’s a French dish because of the French name, however, the term “crème brûlée” didn’t actually become popular until the 19th century. In England, a dessert called Trinity Burnt Cream was created in the 17th century; some claim this is the same as crème brûlée. It’s also often claimed that Spain’s crema catalana is the direct ancestor of crème brûlée. While we can’t be sure who invented the dish, one thing is for sure: it’s certainly delicious!

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