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The History of Cinnamon Buns

In honor of National Cinnamon Bun Day, we are delving into the history behind this beloved pastry. Sticky buns date back to ancient Egypt and Rome, but since cinnamon was scarce and expensive, bakers used honey, raisins, or dates instead. When the Dutch took over Sri Lanka during the Age of Exploration, cinnamon exports increased and bakers all over Europe began to add cinnamon to their fritters and sticky buns. When German and Swedish immigrants arrived in America in the 17th century, they brought a version of the cinnamon bun with them. However, they created their own breakfast-ready spin by adding brown sugar, honey, and raisins to their buns. The next landmark moment in cinnamon bun history came in 1956, when the Pillsbury Company began selling cinnamon rolls in refrigerated tubes. In 1985, the first Cinnabon opened just outside of Seattle. Today, cinnamon buns continue to be a massively popular treat and each country and region has its own unique spin on the beloved baked good.

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