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The History of Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots were created and patented by Sparkes-Hall, Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, around 1851. The Queen routinely wore the boots, and they also became very popular among the elite (particularly those who rode horses). The original version looked a bit different from the Chelsea boots we are familiar with today, but the defining feature – elastic sides instead of laces – has been present since the beginning. Originally, the shoes were simply known as “elastic ankle boots.” The name “Chelsea boots” came about much later. In the late 1950s, Mary Quant and her artsy cohort began wearing the shoes. They frequented King’s Road in London, so the media began to refer to the group as “the Chelsea set.” The shoes they wore became known as “Chelsea boots,” and the name stuck. Today, Chelsea boots remain quite popular and are considered a timeless style staple.

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