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The History of Cheetos

Cheetos were invented in Texas in 1948 by Fritos founder, Charles Elmer Doolin. They were originally made using some Fritos ingredients and were first called Chee-tos (the name was later changed to Cheetos), so there is some speculation that their moniker is a nod to their origins as “cheesy Fritos,” although this has never been officially confirmed. Doolin partnered with Herman W. Lay to release Cheetos nationwide. In 1961, Doolin and Lay merged their companies together to form Frito-Lay. Crunchy Cheetos were the first Cheetos product to debut and remained the only product in the line until Cheetos Puffs were created in 1971. Since their debut, Cheetos have remained a popular snack and several newer versions of the product have been brought to market, including Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, whose origin story remains shrouded in controversy. The first Cheetos mascot debuted in 1971 and was an animated mouse named Cheetos Mouse. Cheetos Mouse was replaced by the now famous Chester Cheetah in 1986. Today, Cheetos remain an extremely popular snack and are available all across America and in many international locations as well.

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