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The History of Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are surprisingly ancient and several have been found at archeological sites, including some that date back to Greece in the 5th century BC and some that date to Turkey in the 3rd century BC. These early examples of chandelier earrings were all made from gold filigree. Later examples were adorned with precious gems and pearls and date to around 600 A.D. Over the centuries, chandelier earrings have remained a popular jewelry option. In fact, in 1947, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England gave their daughter Princess Elizabeth (later, Queen Elizabeth) a pair of diamond chandelier earrings as a wedding gift. Then in 2008, First Lady Michelle Obama wore a pair of diamond-encrusted chandelier earrings on election night. The style has not only been worn in the political world, but also frequently shows up on Hollywood’s red carpet. Chandelier earrings are also popular choices for weddings, proms, and other events with a formal dress code. While they were made with precious materials in the past (and many chandelier earrings are still quite expensive today), there are now many versions available at much lower price points and the style is generally available wherever jewelry is sold.

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