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The History of Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Canada Dry Ginger Ale began all the way back in 1904 as Pale Ginger Ale. When John J. McLaughlin, the owner of a sparkling water plant in Canada, noticed an uptick in the popularity of more syrupy ginger ales, he began developing a lighter version. That lighter ginger ale became the Canada Dry Ginger Ale we know today. The drink became especially popular during Prohibition in America, when it was frequently used as a mixer to mask the harsh flavor of the period’s bootleg liquors. It was also marketed to the elite for many years and often billed as “the champagne of soda.” Over time, the soda developed a reputation as one of the leading ginger ales in America. Today, it remains a beloved beverage that is often enjoyed as a nonalcoholic refreshment. It is also sometimes mixed into cocktails and is a frequent request when someone is feeling ill, too.

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