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The History of Butterscotch Pudding

In honor of Butterscotch Pudding Day, we are delving into the history behind this delicious treat! The story starts with butterscotch candy, which was invented in 1817. A version of this treat was even served to members of the British Royal Family as a dessert. It’s thought that these early butterscotch treats were created by a man named Samuel Parkinson in Yorkshire, Doncaster. While some say “scotch” points toward Scottish origins, others say that part of the moniker actually refers to the way the sugar must be heated to extremely high temperatures, or “scorched.” Butterscotch pudding as we know it today has a murkier history. It’s thought that the creamy, custardy dessert was created in the United States but inspired by the British confection. However, not much else is known about its origins at this time. So it seems that for now, just how butterscotch pudding came to be will remain a delicious mystery!

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