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The History of Bugles Chips

Did you know that this popular snack has been around for over 50 years? General Mills debuted the horn-shaped snack in May 1964 with regional launches in Seattle, Portland, Omaha, Des Moines, Buffalo, and Syracuse. Then the snack was released nationally in 1966. Bugles were introduced alongside two other snacks that General Mills produced for their debut into the snack market: Whistles, a cheddar-flavored corn product in the shape of a whistle, and Daisy*s, a flower-shaped snack that tasted like puffed popovers. Both “snack siblings” went by the wayside in just a few years, but Bugles only grew more popular. Today, Bugles are still made at General Mill’s West Chicago plant, where they were first manufactured in the 1960s. There are four core flavors in the United States today: Original, Nacho Cheese, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Caramel. However, there are many other flavors made for markets all over the world. For example, in China, the most popular Bugles flavor is ketchup! Bugles remain a popular snack choice all over the world today, and kids and adults everywhere enjoy putting Bugles on their fingertips and eating them.

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