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The History of Boxed Water

Inspired by the environmental concerns and reported health hazards associated with plastic water bottles, Benjamin Gott founded Boxed Water Is Better in Holland, Michigan in 2009. It was the first company to sell water packaged in a box. Since its inception, other brands have popped up that also sell boxed water, including Flow Water and Just Water. Boxed Water Is Better claims its products are better for the environment and have health benefits over traditional plastic bottles. The water itself is sourced from two different locations. Boxed Water sold west of the Mississippi River is reportedly sourced from the Wasatch National Forest, while Boxed Water sold east of the Mississippi River is sourced from Lake Michigan. In 2021, the company released a line of limited-edition, fruit-flavored waters. The launch was so successful that the company made several fruit-flavored waters — including cucumber, lemon, grapefruit, and blackberry — available permanently. That same year, the company also partnered with Alaska Airlines to provide complimentary waters to passengers. Over the years, Boxed Water has both been recognized by some publications for its sustainability and also faced criticism that it isn’t as sustainable as it claims to be by others. Today, Boxed Water Is Better is available on most grocery store shelves and similar products like Flow Water and Just Water have also gained traction, although it is worth noting that all of these options can be expensive.

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