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The History of Blueberry Muffins

Today is National Blueberry Muffin Day, so we are delving into the history behind this iconic breakfast food. While the exact origin of the blueberry muffin is unknown, there is a prevailing theory. Europeans used bilberries in various baked goods, including muffins and cakes. When the colonists arrived in North America, however, they learned that there were no bilberries. However, there were plenty of wild blueberries, which Native Americans used in their own cooking. Some people theorize that the Europeans began using wild blueberries in place of bilberries in their recipes, including in muffins, thus giving birth to the blueberry muffin. Today, blueberry muffins are an extremely popular food and options run the gamut from healthy to decadent. In fact, blueberry muffins are so well-loved that they have an entire day dedicated to them and are even designated as the official state muffin in Minnesota!

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