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The History of Blow Pops

Blow Pops were first patented in the late 1960s and debuted in 1973. Charms, the distributor of Blow Pops, was already a well-known hard candy maker and in fact, the company’s products were distributed in World War II U.S. Army rations. After World War II, Charms found itself competing with other hard candy manufacturers, and that’s when Blow Pops were created. They were invented by Vincent Ciccone, Ross Cameron, and Walter Reid III, the son of the founder of Charms. (It’s worth noting that Blow Pops are considered the first lollipop ever made with a soft bubblegum center.) Blow Pops quickly became the company’s biggest seller. Although Charms is now owned by Tootsie Roll Industries, over the years, the Blow Pops product line has continued to grow and now includes new products like Super Blow Pops and Blow Pop Minis as well as many additional flavors. The most popular Blow Pops flavor? While it's not always included in the company’s standard variety packs, Blue Razz Berry is reportedly the most popular flavor out there. Today, Blow Pops remain one of the most popular Halloween candies and are also enjoyed by their many fans year-round.

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