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The History of Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks can trace their history back to 1774 in Germany. Originally, they had a strong association with podiatry, but in 1963, Carl Birkenstock launched the brand’s first sandal, the Madrid. Then in 1966, an American tourist named Margot Fraser was introduced to the shoes at a German spa and decided to import them to the US. Her business got off to a slow start, but with the release of Birkenstock’s now-iconic Arizona model in the early 1970s, the shoe's popularity grew. It was particularly popular among wearers who took part in hippie and liberal sub-cultures. Ever since the 1970s, Birkenstocks have slipped in and out of the mainstream zeitgeist but have always maintained a steady level of popularity amongst their fans. Today, the shoes are available in many different colors and styles. In fact, many celebrities have recently begun to embrace Birkenstocks, a trend that has elevated them to new levels of popularity.

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