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The History of Baby on Board Signs

A few decades after bumper stickers first exploded in popularity after being used in the 1952 presidential campaign, the famous Baby on Board signs were created. In 1984, Michael Lerner, a Massachusetts businessman, was asked by acquaintances Patricia and Helen Bradley for advice on how to market the signs. (The sisters had seen a version of the signs in Europe but hadn’t been able to produce or market them successfully in the United States.) Lerner didn’t have children himself but had recently had a harrowing tailgating experience while driving his young nephew around. Wanting a way to make it very clear when an adult had a child in the car, Lerner tweaked the design to the now-famous black-and-yellow diamond sign with the text “Baby on Board” clearly visible. He struck up a licensing deal for the rights to produce and began making the signs in 1984. They were an immediate hit. In fact, Lerner was able to sell 10,000 in the first month alone! Notably, “Baby on Board” signs have stood the test of time and are still regularly seen on cars today.

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