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The History of Almond Butter

Almond butter’s origins are quite murky, but one thing we know for sure is that it’s a lot older than you probably think. There are instances of almond butter being mentioned in print all the way back in the late 19th century. The Journal of the American Medical Association mentions Kellogg’s almond butter in 1913. Presumably, this was a reference to John Kellogg, who had similar nutrition products on the market in the early 20th century. Almond butter was known to be associated with peanut butter in the 20th century, however, it did not reach equal status with peanut butter until recent years, when it became a popular alternative to peanut butter for those with peanut allergies. In fact, today it is considered one of the most viable peanut butter alternatives due to its flavor, consistency, and nutritional profile, and there are multiple almond butter products on the market.

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