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The History of Ace Bandages

Oscar O. R. Schwidetzky is credited with developing the first American-made ACE bandage in 1918. The name, which stands for All Cotton Elastic, was chosen that same year. A nationwide contest was held to select it. Physicians were invited to suggest a name and the winner was awarded a prize of $200, which was a significant amount of money at the time. In the 1940s, ACE introduced unique tin can packaging. (This style of packaging has since been discontinued, but it was brought back briefly in 2018 in honor of ACE's centennial celebration.) In 1976, the company expanded its line of elastic bandages. In 1980, ACE woven bandages were introduced. In 2005, the line was expanded to include antimicrobial braces and in 2009, newly improved neoprene braces were introduced. That same year, 3M acquired the ACE Brand. In 2014, elastic bandages with clips were released, partially in response to customer requests for a product of this type. Today, ACE’s bandages and braces are available in drugstores all over the world and are considered essential products by many people.

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