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The History of 100 Grand Bars

100 Grand bars were invented by Nestle in 1964. Originally, they were called something else — the $100,000 Bar. The name seems to have been inspired by 1960s quiz shows like The Big Surprise and The $64,000 Question. The name was changed to 100 Grand in the mid-1980s, possibly because Nestle found the updated name easier to trademark. The original version of the bar was sold as one piece, but in 1984, Nestle began dividing the bar into two smaller servings within each package. This meant that the updated 100 Grand bars had even more chocolate coating than the original versions did, due to the increased surface area. Over the years, the brand has released several different flavors and special editions of the now-iconic candy, including the 100 Grand Dark Bar, a dark chocolate version that was available in 2006. In 2018, Ferrero purchased the 100 Grand brand from Nestle and has continued to produce the candy, which remains a fan favorite today.

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